Argentina Seeks To Ban All Flights Until September

Due to the country ’s fight against the coronavirus pandemic, Argentina has prohibited all domestic and international commercial flights until September 1.

A decree from the State Administration of Civil Aviation requires airlines not to sell air tickets in the next four months.

Argentina closed its border to non-residents in March and implemented quarantine measures.

According to data from Johns Hopkins University in the United States, there are currently nearly 4,000 confirmed infections and 192 deaths in the country.

In response to this decision, aviation industry groups said that tens of thousands of people may be unemployed.

According to data from the International Air Transport Association, the value of the aviation industry to the Argentine economy is US $ 12 billion, or 2.1% of GDP.

The department supports about 329,000 people in employment.

The International Air Transport Association also warned that the decision violated bilateral agreements.

According to data from the United Nations World Tourism Organization, the annual consumption of foreign tourists exceeds one billion US dollars.

Officials from the State Administration of Civil Aviation explained that the decree aims to prevent airlines from selling tickets for flights not approved by the Argentine authorities.