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December 13, 2019

Health is considered a priority, and when it comes to your health, things are getting worse. This is why it is not normal to have so much unauthorized health-related content on the Internet and even in magazines. In most cases, such content will not be modified by anyone without authorization from the health or medical field. It is difficult to find out which articles are correct and safe for your health and which are not. Choosing an inappropriate treatment and hearing wrong advice about your health can lead to serious health conditions, but it seems like there is no doubt about compromising the health of your loved ones.

The truth about health-related content

When you search the Internet for specific health conditions, you may come across conflicting recommendations and treatments. If some natural remedies can be tried without serious side effects, then we cannot say the same about drugs. Drugs have many side effects and should not be used just because you heard someone say they are helpful for your condition or have read about the drug. Because natural remedies are easy to use, medications without consulting any qualified doctor can cause disaster.

In fact, doctors always draw attention to the dangers of using medicines without a medical prescription. In addition, people writing health-related content may overlook important details such as the interaction of treatments with other drugs or diseases. Most drugs interfere with some other drugs. Doctors or authorized personnel in the field-and possibly pharmacists-know all these details and will definitely pay attention to them when examining the content of articles about health.

You might think that those who have listened to what is said on the Internet without taking a doctor first should bear the consequences. However, consider the following situation: You experience some severe symptoms, panic, make the wrong decision, and then try the treatments you see on the Internet. If circumstances allow you to do this, or if you are not alarmed, your response will be different. Who is responsible for the current harm? Did you make the wrong decision because you were panicking, or someone who wrote the wrong medical method, or someone who didn’t check the health-related content on their website before posting? Hard to say. So remember “seeing is believing.”

In addition, there are medical and health related articles written by authorized and proficient people in the field. But still a question arises, how can you make a difference?

Purpose of the petition

The purpose of this petition is to draw attention to the many health-related content written or verified by unauthorized persons on the Internet. These articles may contain treatments and recommendations that may be harmful to your health. Therefore, the petition aims to make people aware of the fact that it is essential for a doctor or pharmacist to verify and approve this type of content sharing. Content can get reliable and lasting attention after being verified by experienced doctors and pharmacists.

The importance of your signature

Your signature promotes the security of health-related content and promotes the idea that this type of content should be checked and approved by authorized personnel first. This is crucial because incorrect articles about health issues and diseases can endanger the health and even life of many people who trust the source.