How To Get The Most Out Of Your Vacation Time With A Job?

September 4, 2020

Following these simple tips at the beginning of each year can greatly increase your chances of traveling and reduce expenses.

2020 is the year you want to realize your travel dream, but you have a small problem … your full-time job. Domestic travel is difficult to plan, but international travel seems impossible with the limited PTO.

I want to introduce more strategies into your holiday plan. Following these two simple tips at the beginning of each year can greatly increase your chances of traveling and reduce your expenses.

Who will this work for?

If you are doing traditional 9-5 work in a corporate environment, or overall PTO availability is limited, this recommendation is for you.

Those of you who work in health care, childcare, civil servants or similar occupations … sorry! You may not have the standard 9-5 vacation time because you work directly with patients and patients, and people not only need a 9-5 schedule to help you. If you’re a self-employed person or an entertainment business, that’s great news! You can make your own holiday plan.

This is to help those with a limited PTO to visualize in the most cost-effective way, develop a strategy and use it most importantly.

Highlight long weekends.
Most people see long weekends as extra nights to stay up late, and fall asleep the other morning. I saw them in the same way during the trip. Long weekends are travel opportunities that do not use PTOs or important college courses, and usually occur on federal holidays on Friday or Wednesday. This is the main travel time for short domestic trips and weekend trips.

First, check out the list of federal holidays that year, such as July 4, Thanksgiving and Christmas, and make sure the calendar is in your calendar. Then note down your birthday, anniversary, religious holiday, Coachella or any other event you might want to travel. Now you will determine when and when to travel is the best time to travel, and then you can combine them together.

However, if you draw the calendar, you will see Memorial Day landing on May 25. If you really want to celebrate your birthday, you can use PTO for 3 days out of 3 days from May 20th to 22nd, but use a total of 6 days for the holidays from May 20th to 25th. Knowing when and how much PTO to use early can help you prioritize your spending and ensure that you have enough to spend when you need it. You can now spend your birthday in the Republic of Georgia, not Georgia.

Outline the low season in your area of ‚Äč‚Äčinterest.
Will you go to Korea in February? Iceland in August? Banff in July? Well, if you want to save a lot on international holidays, you should consider it! These times are called off-season, off-season or off-season, as they are not the peak periods for tourism in the area.

With some simple Google searches, you can determine the off-season of several areas of interest to you, such as the Mediterranean, Caribbean, Middle East, Pacific Islands, etc. I recommend that you search by region rather than country or continent because regions are separated by more subjective variables such as climate, so they can be represented more accurately.

Usually, this means that you will encounter less weather than ideal-less rain and less wet-but I think the exchange is worth it.

Fewer tourists, more locals, fewer crowds (which means better photos), shorter routes, lower prices, and most importantly, those who are eager for off-season business and are motivated to travel industry!

For example, I visited Cancun during the rainy season. I stayed there for 5 days and, as expected, it rained every day … for an hour. Every day starts with gorgeous weather, sprinkles every day at 1-3 pm, and then returns to sunny and gorgeous. But because it is off-season, the beach is almost private and the service is VIP. Due to availability, we even provided room upgrades for free.

Of course, you don’t want to enter the Caribbean during the hurricane season. But by doing research and going in the rainy season, you can bring you great results like me!

A tip before booking: When the travel season is slow, you may encounter situations where local businesses have shorter business hours or are completely closed. This often happens in the Caribbean and the Mediterranean because of weather or because locals themselves are taking advantage of slower business development. However, the rest of the locals still have their own shopping and dining needs, so I found that there are only enough attractions open to me so that I can enjoy the destination, and it is still worth avoiding a large crowd and cruise ships.