Kaitlyn Bristowe and Jason Tartick Expand Their Family Ahead of the Holidays

Kaitlyn Bristowe and Jason Tartick have just added a new member to their family.

The former bachelor came to Instagram on Sunday to show off their precious new dog, a golden retriever called Pinot. Bristowe and Tartic already have a golden ramen.

“Merry Christmas to us! There is a new brother in Ramen. Meet Pinot. (@Ramenpairedwithpinot).” Bristowe added a lovely picture of himself and two of Tatic’s dogs. “Pino was found in a sanctuary in South Korea, @ bunnysbuddies rescued him. Now he and we have a safe home.”

She continued: “I’m very worried about how the ramen will react … but let me tell you. You will see from my story that these puppies are immediately embraced by each other. They are sn each other by sn, don’t leave The other side. “. “Bino is a big, soft heart that is more adorable than ramen. He has the softest coat and the largest heart. I know many people will ask us how to travel so much. But we will make it work.

It’s been an eventful year for Bristowe, 34, and Tartick, 31, who started dating in January. In June, they adopted ramen and moved into Nashville together. They told ET that month that they were considering getting married.

Bristowe explained: “I didn’t realize that a love relationship would be so easy and I would not be so happy with someone. It was so easy.” “There is only a very healthy relationship between us, good Communicate, and we build each other. ”

Tartick added: “The craziness of the entire bachelor’s degree world is that it inspires you and opens you up, lets you talk about everything, and makes you feel comfortable with yourself and your emotions.” “I think, That’s why you see so many people in the franchise being connected, whether through podcasts, on the show or in [bachelor’s degree] paradise … We are so open. We know what we want We know what we don’t want, yes, we are here. ”

The couple said they were ready to get engaged with them. Bristowe revealed, “We are confident in our relationship again, we can take the next step, and now naturally talk about it anyway.” Tartick noted that they “have not grown young.”