Practices to Channel Restlessness for Good

December 1, 2019

Try these seven simple ways to change your energy and take root.

1. establish
Does your hand need to do anything? Make the most of your wild energy by creating something. When restless, you can build a garden box, make an excessive birthday card, complete the profile of the Etsy store, or arrange fashionable dance routines. Choose a creative outlet and go. You may have put your artistic self on the shelf, but maybe the next Frida or Picasso in your restless energy!

2. Dance
Does your foot beat? Exhausting your exhaustion! Put your favorite music and dance in the living room. Pull up YouTube music videos and imitate choreography until you sweat. Put on your headphones and stroll down the street along the spring. Turn your restless energy into a little jig and you will feel at ease. The founder of 5Rhythms Dance explained that when you move your body in innovative and unexpected ways, you are freed from the shackles of fixed ideas about people, places, objects and thoughts. That may be the way you need to reduce your anxiety.

3. Click
Want to move those irritable emotions in and out of yourself? Try clicking (also known as “emotional freedom techniques” or EFT). Eavesdropping is a painless self-help technology. It involves tapping with fingers or hands on various points on the head, face and torso. EFT can relax during stressful moments and can also be used as a treatment tool for post-traumatic stress syndrome.

4. Query
Curious why do you often feel unable to sit up? This is an opportunity to get to know yourself! Take this restless time to investigate your restlessness. Try a meditation technique called a body scan.
Do you feel unsteady? Put your hands and feet into the dirt to ease some agitation. Step outside, take a deep breath, and divert your energy in the sun. There are many benefits to connecting the earth by planting seeds, weeding, or simply admiring flowers. Studies have shown that gardening has psychological and physical health benefits, including reduced stress hormones, reduced risk of dementia, and exposure to vitamin D. Whether you tend to collect windowsill herbs, grow urban farms or pick succulents as gifts for friends, gardening can be counted as an outlet for excess energy.

6. Clean
If you need to do something productive, clean your living space. There is an idea that external order produces inner peace and is worth a try! Your living space will be brighter and you may end up feeling lighter. Sweeping, dusting, wiping, scrubbing and polishing to consume some energy. Rearrange the living room, organize cabinets, or clean the refrigerator.

7. Meditation
If you can’t sit still, force yourself to sit anyway.

Set the timer to 10 or 20 minutes and promise to stay that long.
Find a comfortable seat on a meditation mat or chair.
Hold your breath.
Lay your palms down on your thighs.
Close your eyes and start breathing in and out.
Keep the time allotted (anyway!) And pay attention to the final feeling.