Rod Stewart Sends A Surprise Gift To Covid-19 Nhs Victims

A student nurse was comatose for weeks after being infected with the coronavirus, and received a surprise gift worth £ 5,000 from pop singer Rod Stewart.

After getting sick before Mother’s Day, Natasha Jenkins from Barry, South Wales spent 22 days on the ventilator.

Watched the video of her reunion with her family in Glamorgan Valley around the world.

It prompted the singing legend to get in touch with Natasha.

Stuart wrote in a handwritten note on the photo: “Hi, Natasha, this is a small gift that can help you through the difficulties.”

After suffering from pneumonia and a positive coronavirus test, the next year’s intern nurse was placed on a ventilator at Cardiff University Hospital in Wales.

Now, she needs a frame support to walk. Severe fatigue makes her feel “I’m back to childhood” and is told that she will need 12 months to recover.

The 35-year-old man said: “I’m in really good shape now. When I saw what Rod Stewart gave me, I was really dumbfounded.”

“This is a very, very cute thing for him.”

Natasha said she is thinking about how to deal with the gift and is thinking about giving her three children next year-Codie, 16, Elise, and Oakley, 6, treat.

She said: “They have experienced many things.”