The Best Ski Mountains in Europe

September 11, 2020

If you don’t have Instagram, did your winter ski vacation really happen? Answer: Sure, but isn’t it more fun to share adventures anyway?

If you want to feast on climbing the slopes this winter, the key to capturing these photos strategically is. Fortunately, ski suit brand Good Trip Clothing has done all the hard work to figure out what works for you.

The company analyzed hashtag data from nearly 20 million Instagram posts from 225 ski resorts in continental Europe, and found that the ski resort with the most Instagram in Europe is Chamonix. According to the brand, the resort has posted more than 1 million photos on social media platforms.

Followed by Zermatt, the Swiss resort, with less than 750,000 photos (747,373).

Third place is Livigno in Italy, with 474,233 positions.

“According to Instagram, it’s really interesting to see which ski resort is most popular, and to our surprise, Chamonix tops the list.” Good Trip Clothing founder Danny Sullivan (Danny Sullivan) shared with Travel + Leisure in a statement. “While there are so many French and Swiss resorts in the top ten that won’t surprise many, it’s great to see people exploring alternative resorts like Livigno, which are often proven Is a cheaper option. “