Tourists Are Paying People to Scare Pigeons to Get the Perfect Instagram Shot

All of us may have browsed the Instagram feed and passed well-arranged travel photos. Their colors, angles, and correct posture were all “candid but not candid”. But do you want to know how photo magic happens?

Well, if people are taking photos of themselves surrounded by majestic pigeons near Tha Pae Gate in Chiang Mai, Thailand, there is actually a real “working” person who can help those birds fly around for your “gram” go with.

Travel influencers can be infamous because they do strange or even dangerous things to get good images, such as hanging by a moving train or faking photos to curate their online presence.

According to Metro, Tha Pae Gate is known for herds of pigeons hanging out on the sidewalk nearby. However, in most cases, they are not very active and do not fly around people’s minds as they do on social media.

We are not sure that anyone is willing to be surrounded by scared pigeons under any circumstances, but this is a popular pose for Thai international travelers.

Now, literally, some people just work to scare you away pigeons so you can take a good picture. According to Metro, these so-called “pigeon elves” charge you 20 baht (about $ 0.65) for gas and waving flags to make these wings flap.

Of course, because frightened birds are a bit troublesome and have the potential to harm health, Changmai City is trying to suppress any frightening pigeons that may occur. According to the Metropolis Daily, if the arrest is for intentional intimidation of birds, and anyone arrested who attempts to sell bird feed nearby must pay a fine of 20,000 baht (slightly higher than $ 650), this Will be arrested.

According to Thaiger, city officials issued a release warning in 2019 warning people not to feed pigeons near Tha Pae gates for public health and hygiene reasons.