Tui China Restarts Domestic Holiday

TUI China has resumed business operations to provide domestic travel for Chinese holidaymakers.

Three months after the subsidiary had to stop selling tour groups completely, the company now mainly provides short trips to high mountains and Chinese beach resorts with the product TUI Selection.

The product portfolio also includes plans near major cities.

This means that tourism and air travel are happening again in China.

“During the crisis, our offices in Beijing and Shanghai were also open, but they could not be sold during the holidays.

“Now, we see a significant backlog of holiday travel.

TUI CEO Fritz Joussen explained: “TUI China will gradually increase the scope of the offer in the next few weeks.”

China is the first country to use coronavirus and severely restrict public life.

Now that China is returning to normal, the Chinese are allowed to travel in their own country.

TUI China has organized travel packages for customers, including plans near Beijing and Shanghai, as well as plans to Sanya on Hainan Resort Island.

You can also reach famous mountainous and natural areas.

“In Germany and Europe, travel and holidays are also closely related to people.

“Although travel is currently not possible, the number of visits on our booking website has increased by 90% compared to the previous year.

“Reservations in 2021 are also at a good level.

“We must get out of the crisis now.

“The tourism industry within Europe needs a clear vision.

The European Union and member states should develop a road map for traveling in Europe and achieve holidays in 2020.

“This includes opening up tourism and air travel to European countries and regions that have made good progress and actively promoted the return of holidaymakers, such as Greece, Cyprus, Portugal, Balearic Islands, Austria or Bulgaria.

Johnson concluded: “Holiday vacation at home is a condition, but it should not be the only answer for Europe and Europeans.”