United Nations World Tourism Organization Says Travel Restrictions For Covid-19 Are Now World Wide

April 29, 2020

A study by the United Nations World Tourism Organization found that the Covid-19 pandemic has prompted the introduction of travel restrictions in all destinations around the world.

This is the most stringent restriction on international travel in history. To date, no country has lifted the restrictions introduced in response to the crisis.

Following previous research, the latest data from the United Nations specialized agency for tourism indicates that 100% of destinations now have restrictions.

Among them, 83% of the companies have implemented restrictions related to Covid-19 for four or more weeks, and as of April 20, so far, there has been no destination to lift these restrictions.

Zurab Pololikashvili, Secretary-General of the United Nations World Tourism Organization, said: “The tourism industry has demonstrated its commitment to putting people first.

“This study on global travel restrictions will help support the timely and responsible implementation of export strategies to allow destinations to relax or remove travel restrictions under safe conditions.

“In this way, the social and economic benefits provided by tourism can be restored, providing individuals and the entire country with a sustainable path to recovery.”

In addition to the general overview, UNWTO ’s research also broke the types of travel restrictions imposed on destinations in all regions of the world, and also mapped out public health emergencies since January 30 (World Health Organization announced Covid-19 international concern .

The latest analysis shows that among the 217 destinations in the world:

About 45% of tourists completely or partially closed the border of entry.
One third of all international flights have been suspended.
The fifth country prohibits the entry of passengers from a specific country of origin or transit through a specific destination.
7% took different measures, such as quarantine or quarantine for 14 days and visa measures.
Against this background, the World Tourism Organization has been calling on governments around the world to commit themselves to supporting tourism through this unprecedented challenge.

Pololikashvili believes that the sudden and unexpected decline in tourism demand caused by Covid-19 has put millions of jobs and livelihoods at risk, while jeopardizing the progress of sustainable development and equality in recent years.